Computer Repairing Berlin

Pc- Computer Repairing in Berlin

Free diagnosis, No hidden costs, On site service, Also at the weekend

Windows Installations (Windows7 / 8/10) 25,00 EUR
Virus removal 25,00 EUR
Dsl / Wlan Setup 25,00 EUR

Harddrive Installation 25,00 EUR
Graphiccard Upgrade 25,00 EUR

Except for motherboard problems repair costs 25,00 EUR
Material caosts Extra

I offer professional interior cleaning of Computer. Call me and let me advise you

Mainboard / graphics chip repair

Your Pc displays, for example, For example, one of the following errors:
* Your device shows only a gray image after switching on
* Your device is not booting properly
* or turns off a few seconds after the boot process
* only the individual LEDs will light up
* their image on the computer „freezes“ every few minutes
* the device is touch or temperature sensitive
* the display is distorted or the graphic has stripes
* the display has comic colors
* the display shows hieroglyphs and boxes

Then your laptop probably has a graphics chip problem or a mainboard defect! After diagnosis, the repair is carried out with special tools (BGA devices).
The fault is remedied by reestablishing the contact of the chips to the board. Graphic chip is soldered and soldered with a new soldering tin!

We are available 24 hours a day, also on weekends. As an IT specialist, we offer targeted and future-oriented solutions with personal support and manageable costs.

Our services:
Computer, computer or pc repair
Cleaning of PCs
Operating System Installations (Windows7 / 8/10)
Remove Virus
Driver installation
Mainboard exchange
Graphic card exchange
and more…..