Laptop Rental

We offer computer, Laptop and Macbooks rental in Berlin Brandenburg with express delivery. You decide when your desired rental equipment is due to arrive at you. If you want it we will deliver your chosen rental equipment directly to your exhibition stand and install on site.

You get all the Laptops or Macbooks with an operating system and the hardware configuration agreed with you delivered. Upon request we provide you with the necessary software. Your application software we can install in advance. For this purpose, please provide us with a timely manner the CD as well as your license number available and give us a written order. Compared calculation of license fee, a rental of Microsoft Office also is possible. Our staff will also assist you in networking, the construction and commissioning of the equipment on site.

Rent a Laptop

Home User

Corei3, 4 Gb Ram, 120 Gb Ssd, Windows 10, 13-15 inch Monitor

Business Laptop

Corei5, 8 Gb Ram, 240 Gb Ssd, Windows 10, 14-15 inch Monitor

High End Laptop

Corei7, 16 Gb Ram, 240-500 Gb Ssd, Windows 10, 15 inch Monitor

Rent a Macbook

Macbook Air 13

Corei5, 4 Gb Ram, 120 Gb Ssd, Mac Os, 13 inch Screen

Macbook Pro 13

Corei5, 8 Gb Ram, 120-240 Gb Ssd, Mac Os, 13 inch Screen

Macbook Pro 15

Corei7, 16 Gb Ram, 240-500 Gb Ssd, Mac os, 15 inch Monitor

Compuworldberlin’s liability ends upon delivery. We hold no responsibility for damage, theft or end-user related issues and require that our customers make sure our equipment is in a secure and safe location.

All of our machines are tested, cleaned and virus-free. All machines are up to date with a version of the latest OS.

Equipment may be extended for a duration beyond the original rental period by contacting us. Equipment not returned on time or delayed may result in additional fees.