IT Service

IT Dienstleist

PC, Laptop, Software, Internet, routers, wireless, networking – all things that today make our life and work easy, but unfortunately can also take care of problems and issues. The development is going faster and faster, and only a few users have the time and inclination to such detail to deal with the matter, that they themselves can solve all sorts of tasks and problems.

Therefore, there is now an inexpensive, fast, uncomplicated and professional on-site assistance for problems and issues relating to computers, Laptop, Internet, Networks and related technologies.

Of course, We will help not only when something is broken, but also leads like installation and configuration (for example, your new Internet connection, computer or printer) by, supply them and look after your IT professional institution or advise you about computer-related topics.

Resolving computer problems

The computer fails to boot, the Internet does not work, unwanted programs slow down the system software can not be started, the virus scanner sends warning messages, the email no longer works, hardware must be replaced or repaired, data must be saved or transmitted a new computer … These and many other challenges We can solve for you.

Installation and Configuration

Your new Internet access or printer, another operating system (such as Linux), date anti-virus software, a Wi-Fi network … Even those tasks We Will do for you.

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