Macbook Repairing Berlin

Apple Macbook Pro Air Imac- Repairing in Berlin

The computer with the apple symbol are no longer a secret. Various notebooks and desktop PCs manufacturer enjoying in recent years more and more popularity among users. We at Compuworldberlin offer reliable Mac-Apple Repairing in Berlin and other services at fair prices.


Imac Mac MacBook Pro or Air Repairing, Maintainence or Service

Free Diagnose, No hidden costs, If, I am not able to solve your Problem then you pay nothing!

In case of liquid damage MacBook
1. Please turn off immediately
2. Please remove the battery as soon as possible
3. Turn the unit over so that the incoming liquid can drain
4. Do not switch on the unit to avoid any damage

I offer professional cleaning and repair of MacBook with liquid damage. I do all necessary repairs also with the mainboard and there is no mainboard exchange necessary. I am repairing Macbook Logicboard based on Chiplevel. Call me and let me advise you

Has no more power or does not boot up?
It goes up, but the screen remains black?
The display shows strips?
On the screen comes question marks?
Is it very slow?
It makes strange noises?
It becomes exceptionally hot?
It goes on and off right away?
And much more problems …

No matter what problems you have, I have the solution.

-Mac Os Install
-Graphic chip repair
-Mainboard repair or replacement
-LED / LCD / glass / display replacement

-Keyboard replacement
-interior cleaning to avoid overheating
-use of new power socket, Lan Jack, USB socket and more …..

Mainboard / graphics chip repair

For example, your Macbook Pro or Air displays one of the following errors:
* Your device shows only a gray image after switching on
* Your device is not booting properly
* Or turns off a few seconds after the boot process
* Only the individual LEDs will light up after switching on
* Your picture on the computer “freezes” every few minutes
* The device is touch or temperature sensitive
* The display is distorted or the graphic has stripes
* The display has strange colors
* The display shows hieroglyphs and boxes

Then your laptop probably has a graphics chip problem or a mainboard defect! After the diagnosis, the repair is carried out with special tools (BGA devices).
The problem is solved by reestablishing the contact of the chips to the board. Graphic chip is soldered and soldered with a new soldering ball!

Macbook pro 13 “15” 17 “Unibody 2009 2010 2011 2012
Diagnostics Free
Hard disk exchange 29 €
Mac os x Installations 29 €
Battery replacement 19 €
Trackpad exchange 29 €
Electric socket exchange 29 €
Display glass exchange 49 €
Keyboard replacement 49 €
Fan cleaning 49 €

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