Virus removal

We’re here to help!

We remove all Trojans, viruses and other malware quickly and reliably. Then we protect your PC through the installation and configuration excellent anti-virus software. To keep your computer protected sustainably as possible against intruders.

How can we help you with viruses ?

  • We remove the virus or trojan – even “encryption Trojan” – quickly and reliably.
  • We can unlock your PC, it should be blocked by a police Trojan.
  • We clean your PC from other forms of malware, including spyware, scareware pop-ups, etc.
  • Your saved data such as photos, documents, applications, emails, etc. remain unchanged.
  • We protect your PC after it has been cleaned. For this purpose, we install excellent anti-virus software and provide means of settings that your computer is protected as possible in the future against intruders.

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