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'Excellence is not noticeable for someone else, but to your own satisfaction ...'



Professional Web Design Company

Compuworld Berlin is a professional web design company based in Berlin, Germany. We have more than 14 years experience in website design services and system administrations for our customers around the world.

Our customers generally made up of individuals, small businesses a few medium-sized companies. We love to work with our customers and to sites that meet their company's value added. Whether it is website design, custom coding or IT service, we know how important web presence. We also have an amazing transformation to make job and provide amazing customer service. why our website designs are leaders in the industry. Every website we create is unique, classy and beautiful, according to the client requirement.

Why Us?

Our approach

We take on projects with a pinch of realism. Be it in the estimation of the timeline, the preparation of the budget or the setting of quality standards. You will never have a bloated project scope document, jargon filled proposals or surprise clauses once the project begins.

Our experience

Everyone claims a digital media expert these days. How many of them have experience in working in the medium of the Internet relentlessly for the last 13 years? We do. And we wait for the opportunity to use this experience on your next project! Focus on


Focus on Quality
We believe that our focus on quality deliverables is what to where we needed now. All our projects through different layers of quality checks to ensure that the final deliverable is immaculate!

Our Team



Frau Desai

Master of Business Informatics


Web Programmierung, Apps,  Web-Design sowie Beratung & KundInnenbetreuung



Vipul Naik

Bachelor of Science IT

IT Techniker

System Administrator, Web-Design sowie Beratung & KundInnenbetreuung



Micheael Werner

Web-Designer sowie Berater 









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