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Website Development Overview

The world moves quickly from the single point single-user access to anytime, anywhere access scenario. These unconditionally guaranteed for Business appliations on Web-based so that they access, from anywhere and at any time, without any limitation. This feature of the Web-based applications drives Windows-based applications in margins because it offers all the advantages of a Windows-based application and above that, it offers OS independence for the guests, the independence of installing the latest version of the independence using proprietary technology through standardization.

Compuworldberlin has a real knack for the development of web-based applications and websites. We at Compuworldberlin today hardly see a difference between a website and web-based application with a very thin line between them, which is very difficult to markup.

We have really developed so large web-based applications in various fields such as e-commerce, e-governance, content management and also have websites with built-in applications for complaint management, content management, customer management, etc. developed

We have a team of website developers and designers, along with high technical skills also have a knack for good aesthetics.

Website Layout Design
Website Design and Development
Content Development
Content management
Performance Optimization
Security Audit

Your website is a scalable, secure and performance-oriented website that we professional to ensure the above and to each certified by the likes of Microsoft, ISACA, etc.

They have a really appealing website, as we have an eye for aesthetics
We have exerience business people to develop work with us, which is to understand your business, in your view and then you design the layout and content to reflect.

You get more than what you asked, because after learning your business our team of experts, a business process analysis and find out what your customers need from you.

Your customer / end user for your website / application when we design requirements of their vision and make it as intuitive as possbile.


.Net Framework 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0 /3.0
Microsoft Visual Basic.Net
Microsoft Visual C #
Microsoft experssion Web
Microsoft Visual Web Developer
Microsoft FrontPage XP / 2003
JavaScript / VBScript
Flash MX

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